Creating Contour

Contouring has become the newest trend and the latest must have look for celebrities. Contouring the face is highlighting and shading areas of the face with make up to define and soften the profile of your face, and it can be done in two ways; foundation or powder.



To contour the face using foundation you need to use at least two colours. These colours need to be one to two shades lighter and one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You need to understand which arrears of your face need highlighting and shading this will depend on your face shape.


Highlighting: When highlighting on an oval face shape you would need to look at the areas in between the eyebrows, the centre of your forehead, below the eye, the top of your cheekbone and on the jaw line, using a foundation brush apply the lighter foundation to these areas. At this moment in time it isn’t necessary that the product is blended but just applied and remember you should not be using more foundation that you would normally apply in these arrears.


Shading: Now on to the shading, you need to add the darker foundation to the hair line on your forehead, underneath the highlighted cheek bones and underneath the highlighted jaw line. So at this stage you’re the shading and highlighting should look something like this:


Blending: You then need to use a clean foundation or blending brush to merge the colours together. Start along the hair line and gently stroke the foundation, softening the edges of each colour and blending together. Move down to your cheek and neck line and again, brush the two foundations together to form a smooth transition between each colour. Once the colours are neatly blended you should set the foundation with a translucent powder and add a little bronzer to the shaded areas if necessary. 


Please see below the different face shape types, this will help you understand where you need t be highlighting and shading on your particular face shape. Remember you can book in for a one to one master class to help prefect your contouring skills!!