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Hair Extensions

When applying hair extensions to the natural hair it is important that the hair feels natural and can be treated how you would treat your own hair on a daily basis. I would never recommend fitting synthetic hair, this type of hair is plastic and under a high temperature it will melt, therefore you would be unable to style the hair with straighteners, curlers or blow dry on a high heat.

You need to ensure that the hair you are having fit is of a high quality as many people are mistaken for the quality of the hair when the packaging states 100% Human Hair. In fact โ€™100% Human Hairโ€™ can massively vary in quality, Euro hair, European Style or Quality hair can often be misconstrued as the hair is originally from Asia but is processed to from Europe due to how the hair has been processed. Below I have included a brief guide on different hair types in the industry.

Non Remy Hair- Poorest Quality

This type of hair is basically taken from brushed hair, the hair will never be cut so the cuticles are aligned correct from the individual and therefor the hair is literally gathered from brushes and sold on to hair collectors, mainly in India and China. This type of hair is prone to tangling and difficult to brush.

Non Remy Processed Hair- Poor Quality

This type of hair has been processed to reduce the amount the hair knots and tangles, it is then coated in a silicon oil to create a glossy finish. Once the hair has been washed and styled, the silicon will no longer be there to coat the hair and therefore the hair will become dry and tangle.

Indian Remy Hair- Medium Quality

Indian Remy Hair is considered medium grade hair. It still has its cuticles intact and the roots and tips are aligned in the same direction. Indian Remy hair is usually regarded as highly ethical as much of the hair is collected from Hindu Temples where woman, children and sometimes even men have their hair shaved in prayer or as a sacrifice to God. The Temple then sells the hair and the money that is made is funnelled back into the local community.

Indian hair is often quite coarse in texture, and is naturally very dark in colour. Therefore the hair is often processed to soften the texture, and it is difficult to produce blonde colours without the hair deteriorating in quality. The minimal amount of processing the hair has, the better the quality.

European Hair- High quality

This type of hair is of a very high quality, it is left unprocessed other than dying to enable a wide range of colours to be available. The hair is usually from Italy or Spain and cuticles are aligned to decrease knotting.

Russian Hair- High Quality

Russian Hair is exceptionally high quality that comes from Eastern Europe. The Hair is naturally straight and therefore has not been treated. As the hair is quite dark, the hair has been dyed to produce a wide range of colours. This type of hair is the hair I use, the hair is so soft and silky, blends and washes perfectly with the natural hair to style to each individuals preference!

Virgin Russian Hair- Highest Quality

Virgin hair is a term used to state that the hair has not been processed in anyway, therefore the hair has not even been dyed. As the hair has been untreated it is the finest quality of hair available but is extremely difficult to source.


When purchasing hair individually or through a technician please ensure you are aware of the different hair types available and what standard of hair will suite you best now and in the long run. Remember you get what you pay for!!

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Brittany Jae