Acne, Spots and Oily T-Zone? Something that we all thought would be left behind in our teens? Well apparently not!

More often than not Brides decide they would like a trial before their wedding day; something I truly believe is an essential part of the hair and makeup process.


At the beginning of a trial we sit down over a coffee to discuss what look the Bride is wanting for the day, what styles she likes and what image she is wanting to create. During this process I can guarantee that each and every bride will start off by telling me their flaws. (Remember girls, everyone is beautiful in their own way!!) However as I am sure we can all agree, no one is perfect! We all have our insecurities, our likes and dislikes and my job is to make you feel beautiful in your own skin.


One ‘flaw’ I am often hearing about is problematic skin; whether this be oily skin, dry skin or adult acne, this is something you shouldn’t have to put up with on a daily basis let alone on your wedding day! I have had to deal with my fair share of ‘bad skin days’ due to a multiple of reasons, however I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way that I wanted to share!!



I cannot stress how important it is to cleanse, tone and moisturise. Often people know that they should cleanse, tone and moisturise, but not always know why – let me explain:

Cleanse – We all know that at the end of the day we go home and we take off our makeup (I know it’s the first thing I do after a long day!). However, cleansing isn’t just to remove makeup; it also removes dirt, sweat, excess oil, dead skin and bacteria. This is why the cleansing process is so important for your daily routine.

Toner – The second part of the cleansing process! Using toner after you have cleansed the skin will remove any excess makeup/dirt you have missed and will shrink the appearance of pours.

Moisturise – I think we are all well aware that moisturising is to hydrate the skin. Using moisturiser helps to increase the water level of the skin and reduce evaporation. In turn restoring goodness in to the skin and preventing the aging process.


Now we know we why we should cleanse, tone and moisturise, it is also important that the way in which we use the products is working best with our skin.  We all have our own way of doing things,  it isn’t common that one way will work for all, but here is a few changes that I made to my daily routine which dramatically worked for me!



Last year I had my first serious case of acne; I used a hot cloth and cleanser to open my pours and remove the infection… Or so I thought! My skin was quickly getting worse and I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong; my only thought was I getting the cloth too hot! I decided to cleanse my face in cold water and breakthrough – it worked!! Not cleansing my skin in hot water reduced the appearance of redness and irritation, reduced dryness and honestly my acne didn’t get better it disappeared!!



Skin Care products are not always affordable and depending on the product, it may need replenishing more often than others. One product I see people using far too much of is toner. Personally, if the toner I use comes in a spay function, I don’t spray the cotton pad 100’s of times, I spray my face 3 times. I then wipe the cotton pads over my face to remove the excess dirt, oil and makeup which can lead to acne and spots.



Moisturising is only for people with dry skin. True or false?? FALSE. Each and every one of us should moisturise our skin. Moisturisers are either oil based or water based and depending on your skin type will depend on which foundation you will pick. If you have oily skin will need a water based foundation to draw water out onto the skin rather than suffocating it with the oil based moisturiser. By simply using the correct moisturiser you can reduce blocked pours, reduce oil production, which will in turn will reduce the likelihood of acne and spots. Not moisturising when you have oily skin can have the opposite effect and cause your skin to produce more oil.



Swapping products too frequently. I am often asked what products I use on a daily basis and hear back  that they have tried 100’s of brands, but nothing works! Why, they ask me. Products take time and are not always instant. When you purchase a new skin routine it will take time for a full cycle of new skin cells to turn over; so unless you have a reaction, preserver!



Over washing your face can have the adverse effect. Your skin needs the natural oils which it produces and over washing strips the skin of these oils and goes into survival mode. The skin produces more oils to compensate which can leave you with clogged and enlarged pours!


My tips and tricks above may not work for everyone as everyone’s skin is different, but if you’re struggling with problematic skin then give them a go to see if they work for you and then be sure to let me know! Subscribe to my blogs through my website and hit the subscription button. Also make sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


Much Love,

Brittany Jae x